The Happy Nomads Crafts store is now open

The Craft Shop and the Website are alive

Unfortunately a necessary evil to getting the site open for business involves some extraneous posts .

I am happy to say the Craft Shop is open.

As new products become available I will be adding them to the store. In addition, I will be adding many of our existing products as well.

As you may know all our crafts are customizable. Therefore, feel free to ask us to create what you are looking for.


As we move around the country, I will be adding new content to the camping pages. This content will be reviews on the campgrounds we use. Equally important, we will be visiting places along our route. Therefore, after each visit we will review the attractions we visit.

Crafts Shows

We have added a new section to the our site that will cover reviews of the craft shows we attend. Obviously, we will let you know where we will be in person selling our crafts. We look forward to meeting you in person. Of course, please let us know you were guided to the event by our web site.

Camp Cooking

pigs in a blanket

I am going to be trying new recipes that can be adapted for use around the camp grounds. Although, I will be cooking on my Big Green Egg Mini-Max and my Blackstone Griddle, I will let you know how to produce the same recipes on your stove or oven.

As always, your comments are welcomed. However, Just try to be nice.