The wonderful world of The Happy Nomads

Welcome to our home page.

Rita and I are crafters and this site does have a craft shop to sell the items we produce. We hope you will find many items in our shop to enhance the décor of your home, but if you don’t ask us and we might be able to make what you’d like.

Our Travels

Rita and I have decided as we approach our latter years that we need to get out and see more of the United States and Canada. As we move around the country we will add commentary and pictures of the places we are camping and the attractions we will visit. Hopefully you will enjoy them as much as we did or avoid the places we didn’t enjoy. My not so humble commentary will include the Good, The Bad and the Ugly of everyplace we have been.

pigs in a blanket

I will be adding pictures of the things I cook. The recipes I will be using for meals designed to enhance the camp cooking experience. Hopefully they will be easy enough, but if they aren’t I will tell you that too. I am going to try and make them as healthy as possible.

Both of us will try to create crafts along the road. These will be for sale, but we won’t be pressuring anyone to buy anything. If you like what you see go to the craft shop and buy it and we’ll ship it. Be forewarned we are firm believers in quality. We want our crafts to last. If you don’t like what you see in the Craft Shop, you can tell us what you would like or just enjoy the pictures.

We hope you follow along on our life’s journey.