The places the Happy Nomads go Camping

My biggest issue with campsite reviews is they only contain the good ones. We all know that we pull into a campground and regret that decision. I am going to do my best to include reviews of the ones that weren’t so good, and the ones I will avoid going to again. While I don’t expect everyone to believe me, at least you can’t say I didn’t warn you.

Where I can I will include the cost of each campground based on the two weeks we will be staying at that campground. What services are available, like full or partial hook up. What size rigs they allowed. If they allow pets or they don’t. If the campground has a a dog park. If they provide propane refills or if you need to go elsewhere. Where the nearest grocery stores are and and if we went to went to a restaurant I will try to provide a review of the places we decided to eat.

Some of the campgrounds we will stay at are part of Coast to Coast and I will let you know that is a requirement to stay there. We will be utilizing State and Federal parks along our travels and review those as well.

I will do my best to determine if a campground is year round or seasonal. If they allow long term camping (a month or more). I will do my best to include local weather conditions around the park as well.

If there are special attractions near by a campground I will include them too. If we visited that attraction I will be sure to include them in the review. if the attraction warrants a review of it’s own I will added that review as well.

Safe travels my friends.

Red River RV Resort
Thackersville, OK
Millwood Landing Golf and RV Resort
Ashdown, AR