Stuff about us.

My wife has been doing crafts all her adult life. I am just now catching up to her. We both had careers that didn’t involve crats in any way. Now that we are both retired crafts are a great way to keep us both active and to supplement our income. We all know Social Security isn’t really secure.

I started camping and cooking at the same time. I was eleven and just joined the Boy Scouts. I have camped on and off post of my life. Mainly tent camping. As I got older and married to Rita tent camping was not longer an option. Rita’s idea of camping is a cheap hotel. I originally bought a small travel trailer, which didn’t thrill Rita much. She decided we needed a bigger one. I was OK with that. So we got a bigger travel trailer. It served us well traveling around the US with one of our dogs. It just wasn’t big enough for both dogs and Rita and I. So we moved up to our current 5th Wheel you see pictured above.

As for the crafts Rita said I should do something. So, I bought a cheap laser engraver. never could get it to work as we wanted so she said I should get a new one. Who am I to argue. I got a bigger, better laser. Bought a few other wood working working tools and found my craft. Everything we offer her that involves wood I make. Rita makes all the rest.

I am still working on adding tools to my arsenal, but we are well into this craft thing.

It is said that God gives us all talents. We should use these talents to improve the lives of others. Well I discovered long ago that cooking was on of my talents. I am going to do my best to use that talent to improve the fare that can be prepared while camping. I will be cooking on my Big Green Egg Mini-Max and my Blackstone as we travel around the US and Canada.

We hope to see you on our travels.