Butterball Turkey Breast

Turkey Breast cook

Everywhere we go for groceries (especially Walmart) we can find these little hunks of turkey goodness. The turkey breast even comes with a packet of halfway decent gravy; though, I still prefer to make my own The breast is perfect for two and will even provide two meals if you don’t eat much. The can be cooked on your campers oven if you choose, but they taste much better cooked over charcoal.

They come frozen so you will need to place them in your refrigerator for a day to thaw out.

As always get your grill fired up first and setup for indirect at 325 degrees F (160 degrees C). As reminder this allows the grill to get to temp while you prep your food.

Just cut open the package when it’s thawed and you are ready to cook. Put the gravy packet to the side. If you got the plain breast coat with salt and pepper or your favorite rub. I like to coat mine with Dizzy Pig BBQ’s Raging River or Mad Max Turkey Rub. Set hunk of goodness aside aside till your grill/oven is ready. Some come pre-seasoned. You don’t need to do anything to the pre-seasoned ones, except maybe some salt and pepper.

This is a great opportunity to foil wrap a couple sweet potatoes and put them in the cooker. Put the turkey in your cook just as the sweet potatoes start to get soft. Give them a squeeze and if the surface feels a bit soft you are good to proceed.

Place the turkey directly on the grill fat side down or in a pan if you are using that dang oven again or if you want to add the drippings to the gravy. You’ll want to let the breast cook till it reaches 160 degrees F (72 C). Pull from the grill/oven and let it rest. This rest time is important so don’t skip it.

You can prepare that gravy packet by following the directions on the packet.

This little hunk of goodness goes great with Sweet Potatoes or Baked Potatoes. Corn, Green Beans or Butter Beans and Corn are good sides too.

When you are ready to eat remove the webbing, slice diagonally and place on plate. Enjoy!!