Pigs in a blanket (Hot Dogs)

Hot dogs wrapped in a crescent rolls.

These little yummy tidbits are quick and easy. You are going to need a package of your favorite hot dogs and a tube of Pillsbury Crescent Rolls. Unlike hot dog rolls both packages have 8 pieces.

Remember before you read on remember to get your grill fired up and ready. Best if this cook is setup for indirect cooking at a grate temp of 325 degrees F. (160 degrees C). If you insist on cooking in your oven, that’s cool, just set your oven for the same temp.

Grease a flat pat that will fit your grill (or oven). You can see mine in the pictures below. I just coated my pan lightly with peanut oil. You seriously don’t want these to stick.

Open the rolls and lay them out. Open the hot dog package and pull them out one at a time. Wrap each hot dog with the crescent roll. You can wrap the hot dog with a slice of thin partly cut bacon, a grated of cheese or both before wrapping with the crescent roll. Place them on the pan with some room between each piggie.

If you grill is up to temp put the pan on the grills grate. If you aren’t using an Big Green Egg with a platesetter make sure the pan is on the indirect side. Close the lid and tell Alexa (Siri or Google) to set a timer for 15 minutes. They may take longer, but this is a good place to start. When the timer goes ding check the piggies. If the rolls are a nice golden brown remove them. If not close the lid and check again every five minutes till they are down.

Just serve them up with some mustard or eat them as is. Your kids will love them.