Spatchcock Chicken

The term Spatchcock simply means to split open to prepare for grilling.

This process actually has better results than the so-called “Beer Can” Chicken. In my not so humble opinion is much safer. Many a time I have seen the can used for holding the chicken stripped of the printed material on the can. Plus the beer doesn’t actually help keep the bird moist. All it really does is waste a perfectly good beer, or a bad beer. The latter can be used to make Beer Batter bread.

Before you start this process set up your charcoal grill to cook indirect at around 325 degrees F. indirect. It’s always a good idea to start the charcoal before you prep the food. This way the grill is heating up while you are prepping and it will be ready to cook when you are.

Now get yourself a good pair of poultry shears, a really sharp knife will work. Flip the bird so the keel (backbone) is up. Starting alongside what is left of the neck cut the chicken all the way down to what’s left of the tail. You can stop there if you wish, but you will be missing an opportunity I will explain later. Make the same cut on the other side of the neck and set the keel aside.

Now simply grab the chicken in the new opening and spread it apart till the chicken lays flat with the legs side by side and the wings over the top. If you want a crispy skin pat the chicken dry with a paper towel. Sprinkle on whatever seasoning you wish. If your grill is ready, place the chicken on the grill on the side away from the direct heat. You want to let it cook till the thick part of the breast is about 165 degrees. F. Some people will pull the bird off the grill at 160 and let it rest and rise. This may leave the dark meat a bit undercooked. As long at the all the meat is above 145 degrees F. you will be safe.

While this is cooking, remember that keep you set aside. Put it in a pot cover with water and let it simmer on a stove (I use my camp stove). You will end up with the start of a decent gravy. See I told you you’d be missing a great opportunity.

Bake some potatoes on that grill, grill some veggies or just eat the chicken. Your choice.