What’s been happening

Thought I would update our followers on what’s happening with our craft business, our camping adventures and what’s cooking.

After being gone for so long things are slowly starting to get back to normal around the farm. Rita is ordering the material she needs to get back into sublimation. Takes time to get raw material in place. With the happenings of the world it taking even longer. Rita and I are gathering material for what we will be selling.

Working on making sure The Happy Nomads Crafts is officially official. We are getting to a point where we have to keep the feds and our state happy. Again a slow process because of the state of our world at this time and neither make it easy to be compliant.

When I bought the K40 Laser Engraver I didn’t realize what was needed to get it up and functional. That was a real pain. While I still have the K40 Laser, I have moved up to a bigger better CO2 Laser. The K40 will eventually be modified to work with a rotary device so I can add laser engraved mugs and tumblers to what we will offer. These will be customized items for sale (Company logos and such) so you may not see them on this site.

Our RV (The 5th Wheel) is in the capable hands of Bill Plemmon’s RV in Raleigh, NC getting some pretty extensive damage fixed, so we are back to using the travel trailer for a while.

We are getting this site up and functional. Getting ready for a local craft event and getting ready for the 2021 Georgia Mountain Christmas Lights show at the Georgia Mountain Fairgrounds.

I am checking out recipes that I can modify for healthy living and can be prepared while camping.

Stay tuned to these pages for more updates regarding The Happy Nomads.